App windows glitching

After some update, all software installed outside the default Manjaro library (flatpak, snap…etc) makes these windows unusable since they don’t render correctly.
example 1: Spotify

example 2: CCTV Viewer

I’m using AMD 5500XT GPU, what’s causing this?


My :magic_wand: is a bit dusty, but if I have to guess, I would say an included older library is calling a function which bugged the newer GPU module and maybe the UEFI Firmware involved.

Does it work without Snap or Flatpak?

Does it work without Snap or Flatpak?

The apps installed via the default Manjaro directory are working just fine.
One other thing that’s probably related, after that same update, the screen flickers a couple of times after logging in and then proceeds to work normally, I’m using Xfce by the way.

Well, to be honest. It is then the business of the package maintainers of the snaps and the flatpaks to fix that. Manjaro just offers the possibility, same as the AUR, but it is not supported. So your first action would be then asking directly the developer or maintainer.

If you go mainly for Flatpak and Snaps, then an immutable distro like Fedora Silverblue would fit more your use case scenario.

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I don’t usually resort to them but I do feel more comfortable with Debian based distros honestly, I guess I should give Ubuntu another shot :joy: