[APP] - matray - Manjaro announcements tray app (the new one)

Looks like is back online. :slight_smile:

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Migration to new servers

Hey folks.
I’m, currently migrating all of my services to new servers with different IPs.
for matray: I will keep both servers active for a few days until DNS have updated for everyone.

There should be no / minimal downtime.
In case of unexpected problems, give me a holler.

(I have no idea where to properly announce this, so I’m just gonna do it here and necro this thread)


Quick heads-up. Server just had a fauilty SSD and my provider is replacing it. Server and thus this service will have unexpected downtime until everything is restored because I chose to take it down as a safety precaution. Reason: Server has RAID but it will take some time to re-mirror it to new disk and I don’t want any load on the server while it does that. Give it four hours max.

Update: Aaand It’s done.


New heads-up.
As discussed here: mnserver github, twitter has started locking down their feeds/API.
Consequently, the twitter feed in matray won’t work anymore.

Right now, we don’t plan on fixing this.

My personal opinion on this is: Screw twitter. If they want to keep worsening their services and thus loosing their userbase, let them.