App like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker / TaskbarX for Linux

Hey Guys,

I’ve been googling for a while for an app like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, that allows us to position icons in the taskbar anywhere we like.
I’ve been having issues placing icons how i want!
It’s just not working out.

What Linux app you advise that does what 7+ Taskbar Tweaker does?

Perhaps you should first tell us what desktop environment you’re using, because they all maintain their own methodology for icon and widget placement.

Furthermore, once you know and understand the native methodology of the desktop environment in question, there won’t be any need for third-party applications.

I am using KDE Plasma as my desktop environment and I can place the icons and widgets wherever I want, and however I want. Plasma has its spacers that you can use on the panel(s), although I am using the spacers from latte-dock, which give me finer control.

As I told another member only recently — and they took it the wrong way — you can never expect to gain full control of your GNU/Linux system if you continue thinking about it along the lines of the Microsoft Windows paradigm.


Hi Aragorn,

KDE Plasma as well :slight_smile:
Yes, i know. The Microsoft mindset does get on the way.
And i truly prefer to use what the Desktop Environment already offers, than cluttering it with unneeded apps.

So what way can i control it how i want?

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Well, we won’t know that unless you tell us what you want to do, will we? :smiley:

First of all, a task bar and a panel are not the same thing. The panel is a container for widgets and icons. One of the available widgets is a task manager (or “task bar”), but there are two variants of it — an icons-only task manager and a task manager that shows the application name — plus a third alternative, which is a window list in the form of a menu.

The applications on both varieties of the task manager can be pinned, so that they will always show as launchers — in the event of the task manager that also shows the application name, it’ll only show the icon when the application is not running, and the full name if the application is running. You can play with the task manager settings on account of keeping the pinned icons — referred to as launchers — separate from non-pinned task manager entries or not.

Next to the above, you can also put icons on the panel itself, as well as launchers, which are mini-containers that you can easily drop icons into for grouping them together. You can also put spacers in between icons and widgets (albeit not between the icons on the task managers) — also for grouping them — and you can adjust the size of the spacers.

It’s all drag & drop, so it’s easy to tweak to your liking.

Hi Aragorn,

Thanks a lot for your thorough reply!
I’ve made this video showing what i meant: video.mp4
I will go through the KDE settings and learn things properly.
I just want to be sure if by default i cannot place chromium browser icon behind the firefox ones?
And why sometimes grouping the FF icons the way i showed, corresponding as | left | middle | right |
can take a while.

If this is how it’s meant to be and i have to dig, just give me a thumbs up.
No need for you to waste your time replying.

No, you can place it anywhere you want. But your task manager may have alphabetic sorting enabled, so right-click the task manager and go through the options. Also take note of the “keep launchers separate” setting.

KDE is already highly customizable without needing extra applications for doing so. If you want to do something, there is likely a setting for it.


If you are running KDE Plasma, as I see you are, there will be no need for anything like the 3rd party apps you are used to on Windows.

I suggest you experiment with the System Settings App, and using the right mouse click option on the Panel to discover widgets for the panel, by using ‘Enter Edit Mode’’

OK: I’m using ‘Icons Only Task Manager’, I have placed the app icons on it, where I want them. It is as simple as left mouse click and hold, then drag and drop to place them.

Icons only task manager_resized_50%

KDE is almost infinitely configurable… and incidentally always has been, going back as far as I can recall, and I started using KDE on Mandrake Linux in 2000.

I am willing to bet there is nothing you had to use 3rd party apps for on Windows, that can’t be achieved with KDE Plasma… and probably better.


BTW @888 adding app launcher icons to the Task manager is as simple as opening the manjaro Main menu right mouse clicking on the menu entry for the App you want and selecting Pin To Task Manager.

Once it is pinned you can drag and drop it to any position on the Task Manager. Provided, I suppose you don’t have sorting enabled.

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Well - KDE Plasma Taskbar:
You can DRAG stuff to the taskbar and it will create an icon. If you drag a launcher, that works the same way.

So I will test this - open up a scripts folder, drag my ‘sleep timer’ there:

Next, we can right click to edit the panel…

So now it moved to the top, and let’s give it an icon too - for a bedtime clicker…

There’s NO WAY we can tell you all of the options - there are literally hundreds. However, on KDE I’m now very happy with the basic panel, I was using Latte before - which brings many more options, but have now reverted to a slightly less bloated approach (it works just as well) with 3 isolated panels (2 hidden) for different tasks.

You can search Linux Panels, and Linux Docks and spend years playing with this stuff.

But you generally should try 1. Click and Drag or 2. Context menu - edit.

This is a valuable lesson I learned - when I was using WIndows in the 1990’s.

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@Aragorn - can you spill some beans… your titlebars, and (I assume) kvantum theme. I’m after an old-school (this is what I’d have killed for back in the Gnome2 and Linux Mint Cinnamon days) very tasty, and slightly 3D theme…

Certainly. :wink: :arrow_down:

  • The Plasma theme ─ i.e. the panels and widgets ─ is Opal.
  • The window decoration is Mojave Dark Aurorae.
  • The application theme is Glow Mojave Dark ─ it’s a kvantum theme.
  • The icon theme is WhiteSur.
  • The mouse pointer is from the oxygen-cursors-extra package from the AUR.
  • The font is Noto Sans ─ should be installed by default.

I’m a former Mandrake user as well — I’ve also run its spin-offs, Mageia and PCLinuxOS — and I agree 100% with the adaptability of KDE Plasma. No other desktop environment is this flexible. :wink:

Thanks a lot.
It will take time to get used to the many options.
But once i do, i will love the endless possibilities.

I used KDE up until about 2009 (on Mandriva, concatenation of Mandrake and Connectiva) or 2010, then I switched to Ubuntu with the GNOME 3 Desktop, because KDE4s Semantic Desktop was slowing down my, what was then top of the line super powerful Laptop… and there were a couple of apps that I couldn’t uninstall, without destabilising the system.

Now I’m Baaak

I will experiment a little later, although i like the way the task manager looks by default with fresh install.
I have the task manager behavior to:

  • do not group
  • sort manually

I’ll dig deeper to make sure i go through all the options until i get the icons placed exactly the way i want.
I already have a better knowledge of the Plasma Desktop settings.

My priority is to get my system stable and hardened :wink: