App is not storing credentials on KDE Environment

I noticed that some applications don’t save credentials in KDE, so every time I open it, it asks for credentials again. The same thing doesn’t happen if I use another desktop Environment. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Are you using kwallet?

System Settings → Personalization → KDE Wallet

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Yes, KDE Wallet is enabled. With GNOME is work fine, can store the credentials on GNOME Keyring.

Some applications require Gnome keyring, from top of my head I recall Skype requires it or else it doesn’t store credentials. What apps do you have issue with?

This one. (App to watch Crypto price)
I installed the GNOME Keyring, but it still doesn’t work. :frowning:

Just this one?

For now yes, only this one I noticed.

Ask them if their application is supposed to remember password then, maybe it is by design if their application has some requirement, explaining that you can not save your password in KDE desktop on Linux.

Is there a way to install GNOME Keyring and make it as default ?

Hahah thanks. I found a solution for that issue. I installed the GNOME Keyring and disabled the Kwallet, after that I installed another App that only works with GNOME Keyring and voila, the crypto starts using GNOME Keyring :slight_smile: