App indicator icons not working after update

Anyone else lose app indicator icons on KDE after this update? They were working before I updated, and now they are not. I no longer have a Telegram system tray icon, nor do I have one for google messages. Google messages is the most annoying, because there’s no way to disable it, and the program keeps running in the background when closed, so I have to kill it via system monitor every time I wake from sleep, in order to get it to connect again.

If you have experienced this and found a fix, please let me know! libappindicator-gtk2 and 3 are both installed and up to date.

What icon set are you using?

Papirus. Typically programs just throw their own icons up there thought, so not sure if the icon set would matter. But again, this hasn’t changed.

And it is a really beautiful icon set. Are you on KDE Plasma, if so, there were updates to that set. Those icon updates need to be done manually, which is bit hidden, in System Settings < Appearance < Icons < Get New Icons - then select Show Only Updateable Entries and hit the Update button … or in Discover which is another story…
Just my idea to that issue. Maybe try switching to the default Breeze and back or another one. Gruvbox is the same as Papirus with a different color scheme. But then I don’t know what DE you’re on.

I am using KDE Plasma… just kind of assumed you would know that for some reason lmao. My bad. I actually have the icon theme installed via package rather than from the KDE store.

EDIT: I did just switch to the breeze icon theme and relaunched a program that should have an appindicator icon, but that did not make a difference.

EDIT: running kbuildsycoca5 & logging out fixed it. I ran it with sudo… not sure if that was necessary.

Desktop Theme sets the (majority) of the icons on your taskbar.
Use breeze - you get mainly breeze icons up there regardless of your icon theme.
(this may be changing in upcoming Plasma)
(( I have Papirus icons there . because I use matchama theme which uses them. ))
((( I plan on making and sharing a minimal desktop theme that will provide Papirus icons while respecting the color scheme … stay tuned :wink: )))



I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the changes in Plasma 6 and so far I don’t think any will negatively affect me. However, I’ve always run a mix of themes. For example, right now I am running Materia Blur as my plasma style, papirus for icons, Helium color scheme, and Klassy app style and window decorations. Hopefully I will be able to keep this look on Plasma 6 rather than needing to apply a global theme.

I’ve got everything just the way I like it, including custom keyboard shortcuts and would hate to have to adapt anything.

Plasma Style (previously “Desktop Theme”) is not the same as Global Theme.
It sets your panel and widget styles etc.



( these back and forth posts should probably be moved … but thats for the mods :sweat_smile: )

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