App fader modifies system fader

This is happening to me with Blanket, a software I’m collaborating in, on Manjaro MATE.

Here is the issue with all explanations:

I tested whether this was a MATE issue, but seems that no, because it works well in Mint MATE. So I think this could be a problem with the sound management on Manjaro.

Could someone test if this also happens to them?
Blanket is easily instalable via AUR, package name blanket


Let me ping @Yochanan as i think he packages it for AUR and might know more about it.

I can’t reproduce it on Xfce. I only have my wee netbook with me at work, but I can test on GNOME and possibly a Mate VM when i get home.

I can’t reproduce it on GNOME either. I don’t need a Mate VM to tell you that it’s something unique to your system.

Okay, thanks. I use Jack audio server and seems that even not running it, affects the sound someway.