Aplhid: easily switch Apple keyboard's Fn keys mode

I just thought I must share it for those owners of Apple keyboards who might need this feature.

If anyone knows how to properly modprobe after kernel update without reboot pls do not hesitate to advise.

I don’t know if this’ll help or not, but maybe it does:


And then there’s the awesome


It’s not that you thought of, but thanks anyway. I meant to ask how to cope with a situation when you can’t modprobe a module after having your kernel updated - until reboot. Maybe there’s some graceful way to do that - I just don’t know if it, and if I knew it I could improve my code - although it works for the most part.

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I thought that would be done…handled if it’s a dkms module?

After all:


Maybe this helps:

hid_apple is a built-in module, which reads it’s options on load. So in case of kernel update it fails to load after rmmod. That’s the problem since my tool unloads/ reloads the module in order to apply new settings – I don’t know other way to reload module’s settings.

Aaah OK. I think I understand better now. And sorry WAAAY above my paygrade…

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