Apache Airflow official docker top out system memory

Hi, I have a strange problem when running Apache Airflow docker on my Manjaro KDE with kernel 6.1.12-1. All packages are upgraded to the latest.

By following their official guide, I downloaded the official docker-compose.yaml file by curl -LfO 'https://airflow.apache.org/docs/apache-airflow/2.5.1/docker-compose.yaml', and just bring it up without any modification. The 1st step docker compose up airflow-init successfully finished, but the second step docker compose up to bring the servers failed. The 4 containers filled out all the 64GB system memory quickly, and the servers crashed after a while and kept restarting.

I repeated the same steps on another Ubuntu Server, and no problem at all. Does someone happen to know this problem?

For anyone with the same issue: Downgrading docker from 23 to 20.10 solved the problem.