Anyway to make a game use prime-run without going into the terminal?

So whenever I want to play on a game, I have to use the terminal and say “prime-run”. anyway to make it so when I click on the game in my desktop, it will do that automatically?

You would simply edit the .desktop file and put the prime-run infront of the command that will be executed.


Im kinda new, would you mind showing me? If so thanks :slight_smile:

Depending on your Desktop it’s usually right click the icon for properties and the add prime-run infront of the launch command. If you are using steam or lutris you can set games to run in prime-run on a game by game basis. There’s plenty of guides in the archived forms, if you are struggling I’ll link them when I get a chance

It’s ok I’ve figured out how. Thanks for the help though!

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