Anyone using Goodsync for linux?

I am have just fully moved over Linux and as such I struggle to do certain things.

On my Windows computer I had Goodsync. I had it all set up with two jobs, syncing my cloud drives.

I have managed to install Goodsync for Linux ok and have got the Goodsync server part running alright…

The only trouble is I have not got to grips with adding any of the two jobs to it.

Is there anyone out there that could give me a pointer of two to adding the jobs to Goodsync

I have tried to get help from Goodsync support, but I feel that they are looking down on me as there help is not very helpful.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


It seems that Goodsync only provides CLI for Linux, hence this manual will be your friend. As I don’t use it, I can’t really tell exact what the command is. But, reading the manual, it should be something like:

$ gsync job-new <job name>

As I don’t see any how to specify the job details, I expect this will prompt you interactively.