Anyone using Dell XPS 9530 (intel 13th gen model)?

I would like to but a new laptop.
Slowly I’m, narrowing a choice to Lenovo and Dell notebooks.

I need a little help with Dell.
There is quite power hungry (I believe) CPU - 13700H
I don’t need a crazy battery life but how long can it work during web browsking, movie watch, programming? Don’t need a very precise answer :slight_smile:

There is an A370 Intel Arc GPU. I can’t find to much info about that but is it working correctly now? Under linux of course. Can it work out of the box?

If I’m correct there is A370 + Iris Xe built in CPU. Is switching automatic? Will I have to tweak system files or something?

Hello @860lacov :wink:

:warning: It is against the forum rules to ask for hardware recommendation. If it leads in that direction, the thread will be closed.

I would summarize this for new laptops:

  1. New laptops are made in cooperation with Microsoft. Thus it is made with Windows in mind. Manufacturers don’t care about Linux, if they pre-install Windows.
  2. For the most parts there are zero day drivers from the part vendors, but don’t expect a stable experience. You are a beta user and most likely you need to use the latest kernel, which is not always a good advice.

If you want a clunky-free experience with hardware support on Linux, then buy computers/laptops which are at least 1 year old and more. Professional refurbished hardware is mostly about 3 years old and commonly run well, plus you have 1 year warranty, at least in Germany.

Search for shops, which sell laptops with a Linux Distro preinstalled. At least here you can assume, that they have tested the hardware and it works as expected.

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Well it’s not the hardware recommendation question.
I have Lenovo t410 so I’m aware that Linux support for an old hardware is pretty great.

I would like to hear about user experience.
for example on arch wiki there is a comprehensive article about nvidia setup. What to do with dual cards in laptops etc.

But I couldn’t find anything Intel arc related (maybe one or two lines about video encoding in newer kernel)

Dell i mentioned is new but not one week new. So I hope that someone has it and could share some thoughts.

I don’t have it, but especially because of the ARC GPU i would try to find it or the gpu here

Just to be sure everything is supported, if i was you.


Probably take a look at There are some probes of that chipset.

For example: