Anyone running amd_pstate=active?

Anyone running amd_pstate=active? I have read the cpu governor has changed as well if this mode is in use.

New thread, new luck .
On linux63 I tested amd_pstate=active .
It told me that turbo-boost is not available, but cpu frequency went down to 400.
Ryzen 6850u, igpu.
But I get the same result with passive mode when unplugged (but still have turbo-boost, when plugged to the wall), but there is probably more, it was a short try.

I know that there is the new driver in use amd_pstate_epp

That’s the only difference that I know by now. Will test later.

see this for amd p-state epp driver ( kernel 6.3 or more )


What confuses me a bit,
the amd_pstate=passive mode shows 4 pstates
the amd_pstate=active mode shows 3 pstates.

And the 4 pstates are Documented the 3 not.

but it seams to be faster.
Will switch to 6.3 later on when 6.2 gets EOL.

Maybe AMD CPPC Performance Capability is not working correctly?

Since 6.3.3 is in stable I use amd_pstate=active anyone else noticed on Desktop Systems CPU governor is set to performance as I read balanced_performance should be default.