Anyone know how to fix this message?

bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en-GB)

I accidentally deleted my .bashrc file somehow. im think it may have been because i made a duplicate of my Django project but ended up deleting it. Anyways, I don’t get this error when I open the external terminal, but the bash terminal inside vscode always opens up with that error. everything seems to be working ok, but I want to remove that error message.

i did find a post where a guy say to just type “source .bashrc” in the terminal, and that worked just fine, so it;'s back and even still has my custom aliases.

the only other thing i can think of is that there was an error at the end of my most recent update which was only like an hour ago.

LC_ALL="" should work as generally this is not meant to set .

are you saying to just type LC_ALL="" inside /etc/environment and actually not put anything in the quotation marks?

well I solved it myself… turns out the new electron update screw things up, so i just downgraded and it’s all good again

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Normally you need to add this to /etc/locale.conf:


But anyway. It is solved.

Actually, it says the opposite:

LC_ALL is the only LC_* variable which cannot be set in locale.conf files: it is meant to be used only for testing or troubleshooting purposes, for example in /etc/profile .

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Yes you are right :wink: Corrected it.

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