Anyone interested in making a Manjaro silverblue spin?


Fedora is working in SILVERBLUE

  • Install all desktop apps as Flatpaks
  • Build Flatpaks in Fedora
  • Good support for “pet containers” in the desktop
  • Support package layering for OS extensions in GNOME Software
  • Support rebases and rollbacks of the OS in GNOME Software
  • Support automatic updates of apps in GNOME Software
  • Support kernel modules in (rpm-ostree) - pacman I suppose -

I think some or all of this goals can be COPIED in a “ManGaro” or “Manjaro Silverblue” spin
With small work for who knows how to do it

1.- Install flatpak to make possible to use flatpaks
2.- Copy the flatpack list from Fedora Silverblue
3.- Change those pacman packages by all the flatpaks
4.- Setup the dark or light theme for Gnome via flatpak in order to keep consistency
5.- Setup flatpaks as default if they exist in Gnome Software
6.- Look at flatpaks to add them to each new ISO replacing pacman ones
7.- Setup the system to replace pacman packages as new flatpaks arrive in upgrades.
8. - Optional - convert ANBOX snap into flatpak and pre install it in order to make Android compatible the spin, Or if there is any better LXC solution use that.

If there is any spin maker that would like to try this I would gladly alpha and beta test their spins.


Where is the benefit in it? :thinking:


I don’t know much about Silverblue or FlatPaks, but that sounds to me like an awful lot of work…


If everything is installed via Flatpaks, what’s the point in basing it on Manjaro?


Flatpak/snaps don’t make sense on arch system as we have aur in arch system. no need for those flatpak snap if aur could provide prebuilt binary packages I guess its much better to offer repo package than those as they consume hell lot memory+ram+cpu


The same that the Fedora one and they are doing it,

And DNF does delta upgrades, vs pacman where nobody implement diff packages - it is possible -, that is one of the great advantages of flatpak…

I think that a flatpak plus container oriented spin is great for SOHO servers.

I also think that not so much today for desktop use, as now it consumes more ram

And several distros with flatpak and LXC oriented spins push the improvement of flatpak and LXC.

It seems that Chrome OS’s Android and Debian LXCs are increasing a lot their market share.

Simplicity for the non techie final user, in servers and in desktops even costing more RAM use can be a great plus.

Also it seems LXC is going to get soon enough GPU passthrough so not only Android, but also MS WOS would be installed and that for security desktop use can be great, also for developing and testing purposes and do not forget safer gaming as you would be able to have almost with bare metal performance and with all the available resources of your machine several OSs, OSs versions, and some under emulated SoCs installed and perhaps even Hackintosh if all goes as I imagine it will go…

Probably a LXC container with MS WOS without antivirus only for gaming would perform even better than bare metal MS WOS with antivirus in the same machine.

Also I think that making only a LXC oriented spin - without the flatpak side - with ANBOX well configured can be a good idea and I suppose that would have less work.

I will install the Fedora one once it would work in my machines - It does not install now I do not know why - that is other personal reason: CALAMARES, is a much better installer than the other ones.

Wrote that, if there is nobody with enough experience making spins that would make this work with pleasure and spending little time, forget what I wrote, and take it only as a wish.


The problem with trying to make some variant of a stateless, immutable FS/ostree-like Manjaro, based on Silverblue’s design is you have to start from the top, with Arch. And Arch, as yet, does not have that capability since it has no official platform DE or WM or anything like it. Nor are all of the pieces there to make it so.

Better to start with some reading from here:



Do your research pacman supports delta


ja0jaraja specifically said nobody implements it, not that it’s not supported. :wink:

I suppose the repo is an option but it’s only one repo and I suspect it wouldn’t cope if everyone started using it.


Thanks for the tip about one delta pacman repo

When i did my research there was none.
Sorry I did not check it before writing.
And - it is possible - minds I know pacman can do delta packages
Now thanks to you I know there is one repository for arch - not Manjaro - that offers that.


Thanks a lot for discovering me godarch.
Do you know if they use LXC?
They write a lot about docker, and as you know LXC allows even OSs with virtualized machines, and they do not describe their tech, at least not at first sight.
I will follow them as Fedora Silverblue.


Sorry, I’m not following so I do not know whether they’re using LXC, but any distribution can be used to run containers. That is why Fedora Atomic Host was created. However, a few Silverblue users prefer using a LXC to host applications from “normal” Fedora repositories.


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