Anyone Here Use Newsboat For Podcasts?

I am utilizing Newsboat and really love it, but does one get podcasts to play? Podbit will not build in the package manager. At least I get an error when I try to build it now.

Have you tried building it with yay? Just asking because pamac may be broken again at this point. :arrow_down:

yay -S podbit

Nah I havent tried building it with Yay yet.

Do you use podbit in newsboat?

No, I don’t. But I do know that pamac is… um, “a work in progress”. :grin:

So, have you tried it yet?

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I did try it, and no luck :confused:

I want to try and revive this thread.

Does anyone here listen to podcasts in the Terminal? (not in Newsboat, but just streaming through the terminal?)