Anydesk fails to aquire address (address 0)

Hi guys,

I am setting up a laptop for an acquaintance and I need to have a remote desktop access for the case that some tech support is needed. I have installed Anydesk but it fails to initialize properly and shows that the address is 0. In /var/log/anydesk.trace I find

anynet.relay_connector - Connection failed (ssl_14094415) 

On my own laptop Anydesk initializes properly, so it can be accessed and also access other machines. Both laptops are in the same network, in both laptops UFW is disabled. The working laptop runs a one year old but up to date Manjaro, the problematic laptop has been set up with Manjaro just a few days ago.

Thanks for any input!

I think, I have an idea, what is going on, the problematic laptop has a Win10 installation, which I left there (just in case) which leads to a shift in system time. Probably this is the cause of the problem!

It was actually an SSL problem on their side:

Problem is solved now!

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