Anyconnect - Connection attempt has failed

I use manjaro to work.
Since 1 month when I try to connect with cisco anyconnect I obtain : Connection attempt has failed
No login/passwd is asked.

journalctl -u vpnagentd.service -f
give me :

acvpnagent[671]: Function: OnIpcMessageReceived File: …/…/vpn/Common/IPC/IPCDepot.cpp Line: 1240 Invoked Function: CIpcTransport::OnSocketReadComplete Return Code: -33292279 (0xFE040009) Description: IPCTRANSPORT_ERROR_UNEXPECTED remote peer: cli

Thank for your help

Check your configuration and your network connection.

thank-you for your answer.
My network connection is good, if I use a manjaro native “Fortinet SSL VPN” backup connection, it works. When I use cisco anyconnect client, I have the error.
If I try with a manjaro native “Cisco AnyConnect or OpenConnect” profile I obtain an error too :
GET https://****.fr/CACHE/sdesktop/install/binaries/sfinst
Got HTTP response: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

tell me if you need more details.

Best Regards

Still your configuration

Not a good idea to use Manjaro or any other rolling release distro if your work depends on Cisco Anyconnect. They only support Redhat and Ubuntu, and package updates in a rolling release distro will break it. E.g.

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solved my issue

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