Anybody remember a wallpaper with a forest road from an older version of Gnome?

It looked close to this:


I had it set as my background up until the big update (I believe the one to Manjaro 20). That was the update that caused a bunch of UI issues on Gnome especially with the dock. And I think it got rid of the background I had and actually deleted it even though I was actively using it.

Crazy part is, I’ve looked back through all the old versions of gnome and none of them have a background like this. Maybe I’m just imagining that it was part of Manjaro? Maybe I downloaded it somewhere else? Anyone remember seeing a wallpaper like this on Manjaro sometime in recent past?

Could you describe it a bit more? Maybe this one: backgrounds/ColdWarm.jpg · main · GNOME / gnome-backgrounds · GitLab

Or probably this one: backgrounds/Road.jpg · gnome-3-38 · GNOME / gnome-backgrounds · GitLab

And here, you can apparently adjust the resolution:

(With Reverse Image Search, you’ll find more similar images.)

Oh my god, yeah, it was the second one! I have no clue how I wasn’t able to find it (and consequently, I have no idea how you were)! Great work!

Time to save it somewhere safe from any Gnome update…

Thanks again

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