Anybody have any Starlabs hardware? If so, how are your experiences?

Hey, just wanna ask if anybody has any Starlabs hardware and if so how their experiences are, i’ve really been looking into them for a while now but it’s not that easy to find reviews about their products.

I have tried for a long time to get my hands on a starfighter - I signed up for a notification about 8 months ago. I haven’t heard from them.

I have some personal doubts - as it is a UK based company - perhaps they got caught in the brexit, and they now struggle - who knows.

If you are interested in handson with other devices I have a few - I am sucker for long battery life - that reflects on my hardware choices.

I bought a Tuxedo InfinitiBookPro 14 - with Tuxedo OS - which I immediately installed using my custom verified boot encryption script - it just works.

To get some firsthand experience with all AMD laptop, I first bought a Tuxedo Pulse - It had severe firmware issues and I had to return it for a refund - perhaps the device is OK now - it certainly wasn’t a couple of month ago.

I got may hands on a ThinkPad x11 gen4 - with AMD 7840u (I hit a a deal window on Lenovo webshop, with Windows and some extra discounts, the deal shaved €400 on the price) - and it works OOB booting Manjaro ISO - installed using above mention script - just now I polishing the install.

We purchased a Starlite in December… because they were ‘In Stock’. Still waiting for Delivery, as apparently ‘In Stock’ means it’s on order from the Factory in China, and apparently Chinese New Year happened, and they apparently finally received the order on the First of this Month,

So I have no idea if they are actually any good.

Not happy Jan.

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