Anybody else having issues with OpenVPN connection timing out?

does anybody else have problems connecting to an OpenVPN connection?
I posted here:

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

Take a look here:

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So @moson what is the state of openvpn now on your machine?
@Strit also wrote that on Teasting he has this issue, but not on Stable.

Just to clarify, I have this issue on my ARM device (which is running Manjaro ARM testing branch), but not on my laptop, which is running Manjaro x64 stable branch.

I can see that networkmanager got updated from 1.26.2 to 1.26.4 in ARM, but has not in x64 stable yet.
But it’s 1.26.4 in x64 testing branch.

I’ll try to downgrade on my laptop and see which version works. If you want you can upgrade on your laptop.

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My pacman.log says
[2020-10-16T20:10:52+0200] [ALPM] upgraded networkmanager (1.26.2-1 -> 1.26.4-1)
and I was able to connect to VPN on 2020-10-21.
I would guess it could be TLS or networkmanager-qt related.

Solution is to downgrade openvpn (2.5.0-1 => 2.4.9-2).
It was upgraded on 2020-10-30.
The OpenVPN connection works now with networkmanager 1.26.4 etc.

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I will try that on my ARM device, when I get home. :slight_smile:

Here’s the Arch Linux Bug report on this issue:

openvpn 2.5.0

cyberghost: networkmanager → openvpn: immediately disconnects
nordvpn: networkmanager → openvpn: OK
cyberghost → openvpn: OK

I still don’t get it. There are certainly some differences in the configuration between the two providers, but I did not bother digging deeper since I switched to nordvpn now (actually I wanted to do this long time ago already, but I was too lazy. With that issue now I had a good reason :wink: ).

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I was hoping the latest update would solve my issue but I still can’t make open-vpn work with my provider…
Wireguard all the way I guess.

New openvpn package is in Arch Testing. Should fix this issue.

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