Any way to customize the universal accent color?

One of my favorite new features in Plasma 5.23.3 is the new accent colors. Seriously, thank you for implementing this! It finally saves me from having to create and maintain a dozen copies of each color scheme just to customize the highlight of every item in each.

I have only one question in its regard… probably request next since the answer will likely be this isn’t possible yet; Can you customize the accent to your own color of choice? You only have a few presets in that field at the top of the window, which are good enough in my book to be fair, still I’d like the ability to set them to my own custom color to tweak the brightness and saturation. Is that a feature we can expect anytime, or perhaps it’s already possible to mod those presets with some hidden options?

Since the accent colors still can be edited/added manually in the theme directly, another field of custom manually added color would make it redundant. The 10 provided color nuances are carefully selected to give the proper visual balance in any conditions, regardless the base colors used in the theme.
Anyway, the System Settings is in a redesign phase right now, the KDE Visual Design Group are discussing about additions and improvements, plus some functionality optimizations that might land in KDE Plasma 5.24 or maybe in later releases.
I guess once those things get settled, probably the interaction with some settings will be different, and probably themes and color-schemes might have a slight different options to fiddle with.

Thank you but I’m aware of that, I edited color schemes before. I was asking about the new scheme independent accent colors, the feature on the top bar labeled “use accent color”: You see those colored circles you can click on to pick one, I wanted to know if the colors you have available there can be customized by the user or are hard coded into KDE.

Thanks, that explains it… so they are hardcoded in the end. Yes in the past I used to set them per scheme, now there exists this much easier solution with the only downside being you can’t tweak the new accent color just pick one of the 10. Manageable limitation, might open a bug with KDE just to see what they think.

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It seems there will be something like that …


Wonderful: That’s exactly what I was thinking of and hoping for! KDE is really becoming super amazing for its users :heart:

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