Any tool to write a ISO to a SSD in a EXT. case & boot?

My dad has a .iso & he wants to write the OS to a SSD in a EXT. case Rufus will for windows, but they want $30 to unlock the feature.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about… Anyway, to write an ISO I would use SUSE Studio Image Writer, which was a default application on Manjaro and I guess it still is, should be already installed.

You start it, you select your external disk and ISO and write it.

But something tells me your situation is not standard, what is this ISO? and what are you actually trying to do? I don’t know any limitation behind paywall for such basic feature.

you can use ventoy


Do you mean install as in a Portable distro such as Puppy etc. Or as an installation medium?

I mean install it to a SSD in a EXT. USB case where it will boot up.

There are two possibilities…:

  1. Create a bootable USB stick off of that .iso file — Ventoy is the easiest way — and install the operating system on the external USB drive.

  2. Download Ventoy, plug in the external USB drive and use that as a glorified USB stick, putting the *.iso on it with Ventoy just as you would with a regular USB stick.

gnome-disks will integrate to your file manager, and allow you to write the image to a disk simply by double clicking it. I found it worked more reliably for writing os image to pinephone EMMC than etcher which everyone recommends.

But he want to INSTALL the system on external disk if I understood, so all the recommendation we gave for burning an ISO on a disk is not what he wants.

Isn’t rufus just a tool to write images to a disk? (and iirc has a feature to add many isos to one disk, with a bootloader to select which image to boot)

That’s Ventoy, not rufus.

OK, just for you. I used an external (USB3) SSD and a Manjaro USB ISO thumbdrive. The install went fine, as did the subsequent boot into the new install, ON THE SAME HARDWARE. How it would react if plugged into another machine I have yet to find out. I dont envisage much success as all the firmware would be relevant to the original system.

I have never tried, and regarding the age of the project, you have to be prepared for some hoops (see last comment).

If english is not your native language, use a translator please, and be more accurate.