Any tips to improve the audio quality of calls on the PinePhone Pro?

Phone calls work on my PinePhone Pro with Manjaro ARM Phosh Beta 30, but the audio quality is problematic for others (too quiet and/or noisy).
I tried with the (nearly) free custom firmware for Pinephone’s modem and editing the file /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/PinePhonePro/VoiceCall.conf . Currently I changed the line cset "name='ADC Capture Volume' 47" and line cset "name='Mono ADC Capture Volume' 47". With a value of 84 it seems that the audio quality is better, but it gets worse again after a suspend.
If I install pipewire, the audio gets too noisy.
Any idea?

If you want to use pipewire install also pipewire-media-session and pipewire-pulse
Wireplumber does not work with calls (it does not route audio correctly)

You can fix the mic issue like this:

But afaik there is no fix for the suspend issue and that one forced me to switch back to OG PP. More info from the mic / suspend issue can be found here: