Any tip to installing it on a viirtual machine to prepare the sd card?

Hello, I've already installed the manjaro ARM lxqt version on a sd card. I need to do more program installations/configurations to the OS so I'd like to do it in a virtual machine hosted on my main PC. The virtual machine should use the sd card (plugged in from a USB port) as its hard drive. So when all the configurations are done, the sd card should be ready to be plugged in the my raspberry pi 3 to boot and run.
I did some research and learned that I need to use QEMU. However I got scared when I read I also need to build my own kernel to feed the QEMU machine?
So before trying to dive further with the QEMU sd card preparation attempt, I wonder how feasible it is at all...
Thanks for any advice.

rather than doing all these crazy stuff learn to make manjaro arm iso.
and create an iso which has all the packages installed that you want.
its easy to do you once you get hang of it.
ohh i forgot its img.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to dive into this too much, if you meant my attempt to run it in QEMU requires about the same time/energy as building a customized boot img.

why not just boot up the SD card and install the stuff you need?

Why does it need to be a pre-built image?

I find only a .img download which is supposed to copy on a sd card only? Can it be an installer?

The images are for copying over to SD card.
Do that, boot it up and install the packages you need. The image is your installed filesystem, so it's not an installer.

Still, qemu asked me to provide a kernel for the arm machine before even getting started, which got me really scared. I gave up on doing it in the virtual machine.

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