New to Manjaro - dual monitor setup questions

After super fast, smooth installation of latest Manjaro LTS xcfe I set up dual monitors and everything works fine.
Then, I made my laptop lid ignored by the system I also switched off laptop screen. I closed lid and put laptop upright in a stand.
Now, when I wants to sleep I set short sleep time on battery, so when I switch off power, laptop goes to sleep nicely.
When I tap my external keyboard, it wakes up.
But, I have to type my password blindly, and only then I see desktop on my monitor.
No big deal, but maybe it’s possible to direct login screen to my monitor as well?
Also, can I put laptop to sleep from xcfe?

Happy Manjaro user Tom

tried to toggle off the monitor power then back on? Also some monitors have sleep settings needed to be switched of in the very own monitor menu, independently from computer.

I noticed that nvidia is not primary display, and I used “reverse prime” to switch it on. Everything is good now, laptop wakes up and monitor wakes up. I can’t believe how fast alacrity works.
However, I cannot put it to sleep. Ctrl-alt del logs out and then, suspend doesn’t work… no big deal…

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good to know, thanks for the detailed description, this might help some others with the same problem : - )

I tried to put link but I’m probably too new in forum :slight_smile:
But it’s easy to find - arch reverse prime
I try to find a way to put beast to sleep

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I solved sleep suspend problem
I installed pm-utils and sudo pm-suspend is instant sleep

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After pm-utils install, regular suspend in logout app works as well as sudo systemctl suspend

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