Any reason I can't edit threads titles/tags and mark solutions?

Any reason I can’t edit threads titles/tags and mark solutions? This was possible really recently, and now it isn’t. I’m not talking about my own posts.

Wanted to add proper language tag to this thread League of Legends congela após entrar como usuário no launcher but apparently I’m denied of that now.

Trust level too low? Your profile says member at the moment…

no idea ? it’s done ( I’m tl4 )
yes , edit is only for TL3 - a downgrade TL3 to TL2 for omano :cry: ?

I was still able to, like one week ago. At least if you’re “downgrading me” or something, tell me.

I don’t know but discourse automatic evaluate level all 100(?) days and we can downgrade if absent or have received flags

I guess it has been done manually as I didn’t receive a @system notification.

I was Regular since long time.

It’s done automatically and no: you do not get notified . I had this happen multiple times.
You will get notified once you “earn back” the trust level :man_shrugging:

OK then.

Sorry, mate, but yeah: had this happen to me on the previous forum: trust levels “erode” if you don’t get enough solutions, likes, … in a rolling 100 day span last time I looked into it.

So I’ve marked freggel.doe’s answer as gospelSolution just in case someone else has the same problem.


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