Any option for UI Scaling on i3?

Hi guys, I’m running i3wm on my Pinebook Pro. The screen is amazing, but my eyes are not used to 1080p at 14". I’ve got things like i3bar, dmenu, and rofi configured to use larger fonts than normal, and I scrounged for large cursor themes and found one rather comically large one that works well enough.

It’s easy enough to zoom in on documents and websites, but I’m still having a hard time with User Interface elements like menubars in standard apps like keepass-xc. The font is way too small and I can’t hardly use it without glasses on.

I know that Rasbperry Pi OS has a config tool that lets you select between three different User Interface Scaling options. I’m guessing it’s just selecting one of three GTK & QT themes, but I’m not sure. Is there anything similar out there I can adapt for i3wm? I couldn’t find anything like that in vanilla lxde (like lxappearance, which manjaro-i3wm installs by default).

What’s the best way to go about making things a bit bigger across the board, definitely nothing smaller than 12 point fonts? Is there a GTK and QT or Kvantum theme that will work well for this (without becoming comically large), or some other utility to try?

Much thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:

Hello @chewie :wink:

You need to set this per GUI-Toolkit:

I guess keepass-xc uses QT?

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Wow, that’s so simple! I will try that tonight and update this thread. Thank you!!

Oh, where’s the best place to put the environment variables so that they’re read before i3 starts up? ~/.config/autostart/?

Good success :slight_smile:

→ /etc/environment

Man, I’m more stingy with sudo than a spinster on Social Security*, but if that’s the best place for it, I’ll lob it in there :joy:

There isn’t a good per-user (non-superuser) place for it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

*I was an infosec analyst in a former life’s former life. :wink:

mh… maybe:

→ ~/.pam_environment
→ ~/.profile

(should be session-wide and not system-wide, but I rarely use them)

Just add there:


and sort of.

Sounds good, thanks!

Thanks for this. Everything worked great!

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