Any MPTCP support forecasted?

Though it is 10 y/o it seems that MPTCP (Multipath TCP) is not implemented in Manjaro. Is it forecasted ?

There hasn’t been an MPTCP release for two years. The last version was based on 4.19. Why do you need MPTCP support?

EDIT: Turns out there was a point release last year.

I know that few people know about it but …

Several uses : 1/ in some countries where you have low bandwith or even in rural parts of the US it is an easy way to agregate several lines 2/ another use can be to agregate phone and wifi (example when traveling = your notebook using the hotel’s wifi + your own phone) 3/ some other use for gamers too especially to lower ping etc.

As mentionned on Wikipedia it is even used by Apple to accelerate SIRI.

More globally the most efficient way is to have the kernel built with MPTCP which means recompiling a full Linux kernel if not integrated, knowing that MPTCP being fully transparent for TCP if it was in the kernel would work fine may it be in TCP or MPTCP … so it could be one more “plus” for Manjaro users.

This is just to say that it is a feature that would deserve being better known and promoted …

EDIT: The idea would be to have the feature “packaged” (may it be by default or having kernel with / without) as 1/ recompiling a kernel on user side is problematic 2/ wondering if the next kernel will have it (or not) depending on versions is like playing poker.

EDIT 2: As i’m not a specialist of IETF stuff … but following your links, maybe the reason why MPTCP was on hold is because of QUIC ? Anyway my initial question was about speeding up connections in a “transparent” way.