Any Linux distro is slow after installation


The title speaks for itself.
It seems that when I try Linux distro (I’ve tried Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint, Manjaro with KDE, Manjaro with Cinnamon and Manjaro with Budgie atm) from LiveUSB, it works perfectly fine - smooth animations, smooth scrolling, nice keyboard response; but when I decide to install it - everything turns around. After reboot animations becoming laggy, touchpad feels like potato, keyboard sometimes skips letters when typing. Drivers are the same as when I boot from LiveUSB, there’s no high CPU usage, no high RAM usage, and I install the OS onto SSD (Intel 520 Series, M.2, 80GB partition). I’m using ASUS k501ux laptop, with 8GB RAM installed, Intel Core i5 6200U and nVidia GTX950M, so my graphics driver is bumblebee.
Here’s my dmesg log.


I see you must really be serious about tracking down the causes of these epic slowdowns. Your read total being a whopping 1 post according to your profile, you appear to have really have done your research on this.

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Power saving notebook. :smiley:
As allways
inxi -Fxxxz

Search arround with magnifying glass upper top right.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Yay, nice attitude.


moved to #other-os because it’s about Arch, not Manjaro


Sorry if I offended, but this post just comes off as trolling. It’s hard to take a post like this seriously.

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@yukipastelcat if you would like help with Manjaro please install Manjaro and start a new thread providing full details of your hardware and the issue.

Thread closed. This is not a section for troubleshooting other distros or operating systems.