Any Laptop that supports Mobile Call / SMS

I have been wondering, if there is any chance that a certain laptop is around, where we can insert a Simcard so there is a support for Voice Calls, SMS, MMS, and Mobile Data Browsing.

It would be great if Manjaro has support for this kind of stuff.
I think it is great if I can ditch Smartphones so all of my work will be in the laptop.

I am thinking of a Hardware where I can also run Windows, Linux, and Android on one Device, each OS with Seperate HDD.

Does this kind of stuff exist now?

Yes, some laptops have SIM card slots and are supported. See Mobile broadband modem - ArchWiki

You won’t necessarily need to use the terminal at all as most Desktop Environments will handle it with their Network GUI.


Systems which supports WWAN usually works as @Yochanan says

I have three four systems with the option

  • Clevo N141WU (Manjaro)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T550 (Manjaro)
  • Lenovo Miix 700 (Windows 11)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X (Microsoft SQ2 (arm) Windows 11)
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I’m quite glad that this exists now, thanks for the info. I’m definitely gonna check this out.
I have been connected to internet and beginning to learn the importance of privacy.

having systems that will allow me to connect just when I needed to is very preferable.

I hope there are UI’s for Voice Calls (and SMS/MMS) too.

that’s great news to me. and you have 3 working already.

I just saw some guys installing WWAN Cards to their laptops. But unfortunately, mine’s have no WWAN slots in it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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