Any info on when Plasma 5.25 will reach Manjaro stable?

I’ve been trying to get info on this on the Discord server but no one replied, so I figured I’d ask here as well since responses tend to come quickly. Plasma 5.25 has been released for over a month now, yet there’s still no sign of it reaching Manjaro stable or even the testing branch. I’ve never seen a delay like this before! Does anyone know what is happening and when it will finally get there?

Plasma 5.25.3 which users report to be fully stable only appears to exist in the Unstable repository of Manjaro. I don’t wish to switch to an unsafe repo with risk of breaking my system just to update one stable component: Is there a safe a way to install only KDE updates from Unstable without permanently switching to that branch, or any other risk free alternative you recommend? Really hope this situation is fixed instead and the latest Plasma version can arrive in the next days; Let me know what you recommend for those of us that want to be on 5.25 based on how long the blockage is expected to last.


Oh gosh: By that time Plasma 5.26 will be out. Why is Manjaro skipping a whole KDE release? I thought it must be a major bug… that post seems to suggest it’s merely a choice which is even weirder.

Can anyone please explain the best way to get the upgrade? How can I get Plasma 5.25 without switching anything else to Unstable versions? As long as I have package downgrade disabled, I imagine I should be able to do this once then wait for everything to catch up in the stable repos. Only problem is library dependencies breaking, I’d be stuck with newer QT versions for otherwise older software.

I’m also seeing a KDE-Unstable repository in that packages list: Does it add the latest packages only for KDE without touching anything else? Is anyone else using it and can confirm it’s safe? Seems like it might be the best option for the smallest risk, if waiting for this to be normally fixed in the next days isn’t an option and we’ll have to consider such risky moves.