Any fix to find debug symbols for stable packages?

For now, only packages provided by Arch debuginfod repo have the debug symbols available and can be used to debug crashes, but for Manjaro which have different versions on stable branch there is no way to acquire the correct debug symbols version and use them to report bugs for many apps.

Yes there is a gap between the Arch stable branch and Manjaro stable.

If you experience a bug it makes no sense in debugging a version which have a newer version in unstable branch.

Always debug on the latest version - if you have an issue with a package on stable branch and a newer version is in testing or unstable - your should switch branch to determine if the malfunction is still present.

Only then debug symbols make sense.

It makes no sense to upgrade the whole system with all its installed apps and desktop to unstable state for the sake of only testing one package.

But what if the tested package is already fixed in the unstable branch?

You are correct - if there is no newer version then use the debuginfo from Arch.

If the application you want to debug has a newer version in unstable - which is equivalent of Arch stable - then it is necessary.

If the application you want to debug has a newer version in unstable - which is equivalent of Arch stable - then it is necessary.

I love Manjaro, but truthfully this is one of the situations (e.g AUR versions conflict, SSL…) where Manjaro completely fails to provide some necessary tools/services like how Archlinux do it, and it makes the one attempt to use Archlinux instead of Manjaro.

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It should be obvious taht It makes no sense to debug version 1.0 when version 1.1 exist.

I beg your pardon - what does that have to do with anything?

What I come to think - did you create this topic just to do fudslinging?

In fact I’m running into a problem with LibreOffice and its LanguageTool local integration, and I need libreoffice-fresh v7.5.2 debug symbols to at least generate a backtrace of the crash.

The current version of LibreOffice is 7.5.3, creating a backtrace of 7.5.2 is pointless.

I don’t want to upgrade my machine to unstable because I’m sure it will break at some point which will force me to reinstall the whole thing and reconfigure all my apps and all of that takes too much time and effort to finish. So staying on stable is safe but not helping in my case.

There is another related issue: when Manjaro ships its own packages. For example xorg-server is different from the Arch upstream, so there is no debug info for that anywhere, even though there would be on Arch.

I tend to disagree. I do not think updating to the unstable branch is reasonable when you just want to open an issue with a meaningful stack trace, especially if the crash is not easily reproduced. And debug info can also be used for profiling, to get meaningful symbol names; this does not necessitate that you use the very latest version either in my opinion.

Furthermore, the lack of debug info for stable/testing packages makes valgrind unusable (which has been reported multiple times).

You can check here Packages to see if a package has a higher version. If you choose you can install the package from either testing or unstable to see if the newer version fixes the issue.If it does use the package and when it goes to stable you’ll still have the version in stable.As far as unstable goes myself and alot of others here have been on the unstable branch for years without issues.Manjaro unstable is pretty much Arch stable but any issues are pretty much resolved when it goes to testing then it moves to stable.I agree with what’s already been posted why try and debug a stable version when the issue if any may have been fixed in testing or unstable with a newer version.

Unless of course the newer version depends on newer versions of other packages; or some of your other packages depend on the current version of said package. And this is not really feasible if the bug happens sporadically, and you just want to get a meaningful stack trace out of coredumpctl debug to report the problem.

Do you have data to back this claim?

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Unstable branch is currently the most secure and less buggy for people who need AUR apps like Zoom, Skype, Geogebra5, JamesDSP, Teamviewer, VSCode (with C# debugger), drawio,…

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I appreciate you letting me know of your experience of the unstable branch. For now, it is something I will need a lot more time to investigate before considering, not wanting to put my workstation (and work) at further risk of slowdown than it already is with this stable situation… So far it sounds like unstable is stable, and stable is actually unstable… Anyway, thanks.

Just use timeshift, then you can quickly revert to a previous state if an update causes any issue. In this case using unstable is almost risk-free, so to say.


I still think a proper solution is desirable. That is, someone needs to run a debuginfod server, preferably for all three branches of manjaro. Since it is quite connected to package building/distribution, it would be best if this was provided by a 1st party. It appears that Arch Linux / infrastructure · GitLab contains the ansible playbooks that arch linux uses, which may be useful.