Any advice for building ungoogled-chromium on pi4b8gb?

I have more than 8gb swap space in fstab

Clang is freaking out and quits… Who likes all that noise anyway???

Found a pkgbuild onbgithub from over a year ago…not sure I want a browser as out of date as that.??

Going to change pkversion number to current and try it.

Which hash do I replace with the new one?

Cheated but it’s moving forward

OK so I’m clearly out of my element

Anyone else wish to try? I asked the maintainer for an update. Who knows?

clang: error: the clang compiler does not support '-march=x86-64'

Are you sure you want to compile it?

Build times are quite excessive, expect >= 24 hours if compiling on an aarch64 SBC depending upon the hardware used.

You can try the AUR (Arch User Repository) ungoogled-chromium PKGBUILD and change the arch() array to aarch64 and see what happens.


Have tried all those things to no avail.

Why can’t we have nice things?

hello, you can adapt this pkgbuild from the archlinuxarm team with our changes
chromium (aarch64) | Package Files | Arch Linux ARM
but you’d have to compile it yourself as providing aarch64 binaries isn’t possible since neither github actions nor the OBS have archlinux aarch64 support

Sweet. Will try this soon… Soon as I figure out how to do that.

I have no idea what to do. I can’t got clone that directory. There’s no zip to download. I can’t save the files as they become HTML files. Can’t download them directly. If I did getbthem., what would I even do to combine them? Someone can explain this?

That’s this package, you can just download and unpack .pkg.tar.xz file.

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Yah I downloaded that and unpacked it but it didn’t contain the pkgbuild and all this files

What if I download ungoogled-chromium and edit the pkgbuild to use the link for aarch64 chromium build as the source for the file to download and give its hash for the checksum? Is that enough to start the build?

We have a vindiff in the repos hidden somewhere?

The PKGBUILD and all the patches for the normal ARM chromium package can be found here

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Got it. Got aarch64 chromium and ungoogled-chromium

And I got a vimdiff.

Were rockin now myrtle… Bill the cat even stopped giving me the hairy eyeball.

Vim :help isn’t showing me how to vimdiff tho

So I just want the sources from aarch64 and plop them down into the ungoogled-chromium ones and go build it? No it can’t be that easy. Everyone would do it.

Got as far as opening them in vimdiff as de by side. Doesn’t tell me what to keep or toss though.

So I need all the sources and hashes from aarch64 chromium plus the sources and hashes from ungoogled except for the ones that call to download chromium. Any duplicate patch calls I’ll chose the ungoogled ones. I have to linevup the sources and the hashes correctly for the download and use the patch build calls in the same order for the build. For the remainder of the build process past the patches, I should favor the ungoogled build process except the build calls for march to build x86-64, ill need that portion for the build process from aarch64. Have I got thevgestalt of this mostly correct so far?

I think I gave my brain shin splints while dreaming about this…

So I need help merging my two pkgbuilds. The first is from aarch64 chromium

The other is from ungoogled-chromium

There are two problems I have. The first is I’m not a coder and have never created a pkgbuild so while I have acbasic gestalt of what needs to bevdone, the chances of me doing this correctly are slim under the best conditions.

The second problem I have is that I have a 1280x720p monitor and I can’t see all three colums on my diff at the same time in order to compare them.

Is there anyone who is willing to merge these files, I will build it, however long it takes, on my pi4b8gb.

Please and thank you!

Try building this PKGBUILD:

It’s Ungoogled Chromium, just under a different name.

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TY! <3

Better turn on the a/c a little cooler. Its about to warm up in here.

Bah! Build error. I’ll take it to him.

Error on line 162 too many arguments.

I concur that too many arguments makes me quit also. Who can blame them!

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