Anti-aliased fonts on RPi4

Hmm… seems anti-aliased fonts are an issue for me. On a x86_64 VM, all is good but on the RPi4, not so good. I installed the ttf-ms-fonts from the AUR but that did not seem to help. Anyone else experience this issue?

Without anti-aliasing on RPi4:

With anti-aliases on x86_64 VM

Try ttf-dejavu or ttf-liberation.

After more testing, it would appear (no pun intended) this is a monitor issue, not an anti-aliasing issue. I have now tested using two other 4K monitors and the fonts look fine on both.

Yes, this is particular to a specific monitor. If I zoom to 125% in a browser, the fonts look much better than at 100%, on this particular 4K monitor. Other 4K monitors look fine, zoomed or not.

I find that whatever monitor I use, the MS fonts look like crud without lots of zoom. I only install them on computers where I need to work on MS office documents that I intend to share with Windows folk. Otherwise, I don’t bother. However, I do tend to nab Helvetica & Monaco from my partner’s Mac as they’re preferred fonts by many web pages.

PS: You might also need ttf-vista-fonts from the AUR.

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