Answered. Running Apps on gnome notification bar

Quick question guys, simple too. What is the program that I need to run to see the running apps in the back ground on the notification bar? like proton bridge or lbry app and the works like that. Using gnome btw.

Please and thank you.

htop should be useful; htop:

sudo pacman -S htop

… if it isn’t already installed.


Do you mean something like the ‘mac’ style of having the application window menu in the top panel ?

Sorry, I am not sure I understand what you mean … but I dont think its htop, which is more of a running processes viewer.

top works just as well - no need to install another app, it is already there
htop looks nicer - but apart from that I so far didn’t see a major difference.
There likely are differences - I just didn’t notice them yet - or need them.

But both will show every process - likely not what @pookito wanted.

Never presume to know what someone wants, especially when the description is this vague. The OP will likely clarify their needs soon enough. :wink:


I know none of that what he is referring to.
It’s probably safe to assume that he is referring to apps on a different OS.
Which I know nothing about.
I don’t actually know what he really wants …

If you mean app indicators in the top bar, then it seems you’re looking for a GNOME Shell Extension that is already installed by default on the Manjaro GNOME edition1: AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support. The package name is gnome-shell-extension-appindicator.

1 Note that if you installed the Manjaro GNOME minimal edition, it is not shipped with any extensions.

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Wow, so many views. Thanks guys for the support.

Imagine the program Dropbox. It is running in the background but it does not show in the notification bar. When I was using Fedora there was a program for gnome that I downloaded that makes apps like Dropbox show up. It would be like a system tray for Gnome.

Thank you.

Yeah… guess what it is? :wink:

There may have been an app indicator package of some kind (not necessarily with that name) which provided ‘icons’ in the system tray for a variety of additional and commonly used applications.

That type of package was more common in Gnome derivatives such as XFCE or Cinnamon, for example. Is this what you mean?

For Gnome specifically, see the comment by @Yochanan above regarding AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support (which I have only now noticed myself).

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