Another AUR Question

I know there is a strong chance I will be stomped on… again, but why is the older devilspie in the community repos, while the newer more functional devilspie2 is still in AUR?


Please explain.

Its in the Arch repos, its inhereted from there.
Manjaro made no decision on the matter.

$ pacman -Si devilspie
Packager        : Christian Hesse <>

That doesn’t make anything clearer.

Unless you are trying to tell me Manjaro has no control over what is and what isn’t in the Manjaro Official Repos.

As with 90%+ of all packages in manjaro repos, it refects what is in Arch repositories, because it was directly inhereted from there.
As you can see in the example package it was packaged by an Arch maintainer.
The reason it exists in the repos and not some other versions is simple - because Arch.

Thank you. That means basically all the angst directed at me over the Impro-Visor App could have been explained in exactly this way.

That’s actually a very good question. devilspie is dead and devilspie2 is the continuation of the project. I’ve filed an Arch bug report to notify the Maintainer that the source is no longer available: FS#78303 - [devilspie] Source no longer available

What angst? :thinking: There was nothing wrong with your request, it just did not meet the criteria.

Anyway, your request to add Impro-Visor to the Manjaro repositories is not related to this topic at all.


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