Anonsurf for Manjaro

How can you protect your system from prying eyes.Something that provides system wide anonymity like Anonsurf from Parrot Security os. Ive tried ggogling and found this in the AUR,which of course doesn’t work

Or maybe we can get the *.deb file and install it :thinking:

You really think you can install a package from 2016? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That pkgbuild have been deleted from AURweb the page give error 404

Also don’t post images when not needed, you already provided the direct link to the pkgbuild

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For building the gui and cli of anonsurf (written in nim language) is needed gintro program (also written in nim) which is completely obscure to me to build

There are 3 .deb files, you also need to work with prerm, postrm, postinst both because in Arch packaging it id dealt with a single .install file and also because they are using Debian specific commands like deb-systemd-helper