Annoying folder icons in Dolphin after update

Since today’s update (starting point is 21.1 rc) I have these extremely annoying folder icons in the Dolphin sidebar:

Is this a bug or a feature?

If it is to be a feature: Shitty idea! :-1:t2:

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Sounds like it’s from Dolphin 21.08, so sounds like a feature.

I am indeed considering to have a look at Xfce again …

I don’t speak German so don’t see anything too much…
we can add icon by drag&drop and we can hide icons at left by right click - or remove

It is not important to understand German in the screenshot. It is all the folders from the home directory that are now displayed in this way. I know I can hide them, but that’s not the point.

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without translation, don’t know what you have too :wink: i not understand , view download, video, … is normal
if you have too much, is you ? we can drag&drop directories in this left place … but we can also remove it

not me with last version …

I do NOT want to remove them, I just don’t like those stupid symbols. Before they were Breaze icons, they fit much better visually in this bar. But anyway …

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EDIT: ok you want only change theme

He doesn’t want to remove the icons. He wants the old icons back…

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You can right click on those entries and go to Edit… and then set the icons you want for them :slight_smile:

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OK, but unfortunately this does not work with paper grain. Thus I have then also no more uniform picture :frowning: But nevertheless thanks.

No problem. I guess Plasma developers are setting things towards symbolic icons. We can also change the icons size on that side panel, but 22 is a bit small and 32 is too large and with 16 only symbolic will be shown …

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