Annoyance: media volume keys now make a sound notification, how to disable?

Hi there,

Recently the audio volume media keys on my thinkpad laptop started making a sound when pressed. This is highly annoying and there seems to be no obvious way to disable this new feature.
BTW this feature keeps making sound on every press event when the volume does not change because it has reached 100%, which is bad UX as the feedback is wrong.

Anyways, I’ve looked into system settings > notifications > applications configure
despite the really unhelpful UI I took time to go through each and every entry and found none related to this noisy feature.

Searching the web gives no relevant answers, searching KDE plasma gives outdated answer for KDE 3 or 4 and searching this forum it seems this question has not been asked.

To be clear I want my volume up/down and mute media keys on my thinkpad keyboard to be and remain silent when I press them, as it has been for years.

If you have the answer or pointers to help me, it would be nice of you to share.

install pavucontrol (if not already installed) and disable system-sounds

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Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, my bad I forgot to mention that pulseaudio has always been nightmare for me with basic hardware and everyday use issues on a computer with exotic audio configuration sometimes using up to 4 identical external usb audio cards, so I learned to stay away from pulseaudio.

I am using pipewire, so pavucontrol would not help.

Your workaround and winnie’s suggestions are welcomed but they would disable all system sounds events, which is overkill and not what I aim to achieve.
Other events having audio feedback is both useful and important to me, some errors or long process finishing.

It would be impractical and defeating the purpose of quick access volume button to have to go over the sound panel and mute/unmute events before pressing said buttons.

I kind of hope there is a way to configure this new behaviour somewhere, even if only in config file.

Right-click speaker icon in the tray → Configure Audio Volume

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