Announcements section

In the previous iteration of the forum there was a clear and easy to find section with the announcements such as updates.
Unless I’m being search-challenged (a not altogether unknown condition) this is no-longer present. While the update messages may still be found by looking for the posts tagged with “Update” this feels much less satisfactory than having am “Announcements” category, with sub-categories for stable, testing and unstable.

The category exist

OK, it is in the pulldown for “all categories”, but I think it is important enough to have a place in the side bar and on the entry page.

I know - you mean is should be there - you can customize the sidebar … in your settings - it is called Navigation Menu

Or simply click the pencil next to the Categories header - which is a shortcut

The following categories are displayed under Navigation Menu’s Categories section in the sidebar by default: Announcements, Notices, Tutorials, Support and ARM.