Anker mouse: unable to access some dropdown menus

good day everyone,

first of all, i am very thankful for the existence of Manjaro Linux. i am impressed how far Linux distributions have come over the years.

now onto the reason for why i created this post: i have issues with getting mouse clicks to register properly. especially in the Spotify application when trying to open dropdown menus; impossible. the native GNOME applications work better, but sometimes i need to click again ( on any button to make it actually respond to clicking ).

i have had this exact problem in the past with my Mad Catz R.A.T.5 mouse and the cause was the “mode selection button” being recognized improperly. it happens on ALL Linux distributions. i post this here because Manjaro is what i use now. back then, the fix was to alter some file i am unable to remember to ignore the “mode selection” button.

the mouse i use now ( Anker AK-98ANWVM-BA ) has a dedicated button to switch DPI modes. i suspect that the issue i have here is exactly the same as the issue i had with the R.A.T.5 mouse. if so, i would appreciate it if anyone here can point me in the right direction so i can make sure my mouse is understood properly by Manjaro :smiley:

the issue is present on ANY linux distribution, independent of which GUI environment is chosen.

( i use Manjaro 21.3.6, GNOME 42.4, kernel 5.18.17-1 )

best regards,