"Animate Show Applications" should be disabled by default on Manjaro GNOME

I have files bug reports for the “Show Applications” animation being glitchy and it is a confirmed bug by the GNOME devs:

They know about it and it is present even without any extensions or tweaks.
As you can see in the GitLab issue (it includes videos). The animation is glitchy and basically destroys the experience especially for new users. I always have to tell my friends that are new to disable it.
The GNOME team doesn’t seem to rush to fix that bug, I guess it’s because they are focused on GNOME 40(?).
That bug is present on all distros that use GNOME including Manjaro.
It also isn’t glitchy the first time you open “Show Applications”, its basically just random.

But anyway I would suggest that it is disabled on new installations on Manjaro GNOME :blush:

It’s just the first time - and not every time?
… that’s hard to deal with … :expressionless:

… indices may have to be generated/built/re-built …

for the record:
I don’t use Gnome (anymore)
whenever and wherever I can avoid it

… even though I once thought it was the best thing since sliced bread …

as I said it happens randomly altho mostly after reboots

… I didn’t see that in (or got that from)
what you wrote.

misunderstanding, perhaps - can’t help

What exactly are you proposing? How would you see your applications if “Show applications” was disabled? How is Manjaro supposed to fix an upstream “bug” as you say?

FYI, GNOME 40 is due for release next Wednesday. Please don’t ask for an ETA when Manjaro will have it.

Simply have it disabled in the Dock Settings like here by default:

For me it happens every time. I thought it was due to something else so I just disabled it without second thought, but seems other people also experience it.

Its very common, or should I say I havent seen anyone without that bug. It happens randomly but mostly after reboot

What does Dash to Dock have to do with the Show Applications button in the default dock? You never mentioned Dash to Dock. It’s a known issue with Dash to Dock, please don’t clutter up the GNOME Gitlab issues.

Your post tile then should be something like, Animate Show Applications should be disabled by default in Dash to Dock. Please make edits accordingly.

In the issue, it is confirmed it is not Dash to Dock or any other extension’s fault. Its simply GNOMEs fault. But extensions like Dock (which are by default installed on Manjaro GNOME) can disable that animation

I can’t reproduce it with Dash to Dock disabled.

Multiple people did reproduce that, as is mentioned in the GitLab issue I linked

Again, it’s an upstream issue with GNOME 40 around the corner. No changes will be made on our end at this time.

Okay then. I thought GNOME40 would come much later. But if thats the case I guess its okay

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