Android without Android Studio over Manjaro

I’m interested on programming Android apps but without using proprietary software and therefore, Android Studio.
I know about this repo with a example sourcecode for building an APK on Debian:

I have tried to install the required dependencies on Manjaro but I didn’t manage to do so. Can someone help me searching for those needed packages and therefore constating that it’s possible to program Android apps on Manjaro with free software?

apt-get install make android-sdk android-sdk-platform-23

You need android-sdk from the AUR, platform 23 is the API level supported by the SDK, maybe someone with more experience on android that me, might guide you, seems that on debian they are separate packages.

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I tried this, but as before it didn’t work:

$ make
aapt package -f -m -J src -S res -M AndroidManifest.xml -I /usr/lib/android-sdk/platforms/android-23/android.jar
make: aapt: No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile:31: src/coffee/source/helloworld/] Error 127

Seems that aapt is needed, a package present on Debian repo but I have to search for it on Arch:

android-sdk-build-tools contains aapt, but the sourcecode still does not work

Hi @Porru,
Although I am not a developer I discover this video and I encourage to take a look at it.

A super easy way to install Android SDK for Android Emulation.

Hope it help,

Thanks! The idea I had on mind was to build APKs without depending on IDEs, but having all into control and autonomous. So using Intellij instead Google’s Android Studio does not content me

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

FOA, adapted the script for your current setup ?
For instance /usr/lib/android-sdk/build-tools/debian

I’m not sure if Gradle is using any proprietary software, android apps can be easily build using gradle, but your productivity maybe impacted due to lack of specialised tools present in android Studio.

This seems like a good guide to start in this direction

The past week we managed to build Android apps with make. It’s soooo simple!

Just install the needed packages and have the correct Makefile and run make, nothing more.
See more info: [SOLVED] Interested, but using Manjaro (#1) · Issues · Coffee / hello-world-debian-android · GitLab