Android tablet as second monitor

I have a android tablet "Xiaomi Pad 5" . I wish to use it as a second monitor (sometimes) with my Manjaro KDE setup. What would be the best solution for this?

I don’t yet have this working, but can suggest a direction.

From AUR, I have successfully installed Deskreen. This allows mirroring. AUR (en) - virtscreen

I saw that Virtscreen might support the second screen. There’s a dependency on python-quamash that currently isn’t working. I’ve reported that at AUR (en) - python-quamash .

I’ve seen some posts where the virtual screen might be configured manually … but I would prefer a friendlier interface.

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If you are on Wayland, try KRFB.
You might need to switch to Pipewire first, like this: sudo pacman -S manjaro-pipewire.
Then, at the time of writing, the version from the repos errors out (kpipewire_dmabuf_logging: Failed to record frame: Error creating EGLImageKHR - "EGL_SUCCESS"), so install this older version instead:

run krfb-virtualmonitor --name WirelessDisplay --resolution 1920x1080 --password pAsSwOrD --port 5900 (change the resolution, port and password as needed), then with your phone/tablet/whatever you can connect to your system using a VNC client (on Android you can try bVNC for example, but just about any should work). You’ll also need to know your system’s IP address, I think that is shown in the Plasma System Monitor, and you need to make sure whatever port you pick is allowed through your system’s firewall if you have one.

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