Android Studio is slowing my system


recently i’ve been forced to use android studio for some uni assignments, but it has a really poor perfomance; i dont think my laptop is that bad, but sometimes this program completely freezes my laptop for several minutes and it only makes me angrier and angrier;

therefore, i have 2 questions:

  • when the screen freezes, the only way that i know to recover my system is rebooting it; is there any other faster way? like accessing the task manager or something like that (taking in count that my laptop is useless, completely freezed in those moments)
  • i have the android studio aur package, is there an alternative? its such a shame because w flutter you can use vscode or whatever you want, but thats way more difficult w native app development

thanks in advance

pd: im running xfce and i tried w different kernels, but they dont seem to be the problem


May try the following!

Have a wonderful day!


Jetbrains applications need to watch many files and default for max_user_watches is very low.

Add a file in /etc/sysctl.d containing

fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 524288

then reload

sysctl -p --system

Then restart your IDE

Reference: Inotify Watches Limit - IntelliJ IDEA - Confluence

A great addition to the above setting is to build and install watchman-bin from AUR

I don’t know if it is faster - but definitely safer.

Download the package from - and unpack it in a tools folder in your home. The applications are completely self contained - only requires a recent JDK


thaankiu, i hope astudio doesnt freeze the service as well :wink: i’ll give it a try

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amazing answer as well, many thanks!

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