Android studio AUR package missing package metadata

First of all, I followed this guide:
to install android studio via terminal commands. All went well until the command:
[(me) android-studio]$ sudo pacman -U --noconfirm android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz
Which asked for my password and then gave:
loading packages…
error: missing package metadata in android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz
error: ‘android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz’: invalid or corrupted package
I’ve searched online for solutions to this problem, however, I’ve not found any which work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:
(Android studio pkg build link: PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories)

That’s the source tarball, not the built package. See Step 3 in the guide you followed again. :wink:

ls gives android-studio- android-studio-ide-201.7042882-linux.tar.gz pkg
android-studio.desktop license.html
I used linux.tar.gz instead of tar.zst which worked.
Thank you!

I am using android studio but not from a package but from install here

Android Developers

I think this kind of software doesn’t really need a specific installer. Just uncompress them and put them in the right place and it works. (In my case and with Manjaro)

One more point I install before qemu (from official repo)