Android phone MTP connection woes

I’ve been trying to connect my phone via MTP to sync music from an app like Amarok or Clementine, and have been having some odd behaviour. Initially the problem was simply that no such program would report any connected device (except Dolphin, which could see the phone fine); various searches etc led me to try qMTP, which gave some helpful terminal messages as to what was going on. Based on what I learned jumping off of those messages, the farthest I’ve managed to boil the problem down is this:

  • Initially, I had to killall kiod5 because the device was considered already in use somehow by KDE’s IO system (I guess allowing it to appear in Dolphin)
  • Running mtpfs the first time after plugging my phone in causes it to hang indefinitely on the message Android device detected, assigning bug flags (I’ve let it run for 8+ minutes)
  • If I ctrl-c and try mtpfs again, it says PTP_ERROR_IO: failed to open session, trying again after resetting USB interface; then it tries again and gives up after failing on its second attempt

I’m using i3wm; I seem to remember having done this while using Plasma and having no issues, so I suspect something is going on that’s handled automatically by some KDE tool but not when Plasma isn’t the window manager. What do I need to do here to allow my phone to be visible to Clementine/Amarok/etc?