Android Emulator Performs Extremely Slow

Previously, I used Garuda linux and all the emulators from Android studio worked fine in that OS.
However, in Manjaro whichever emulator I try from android studio it performs extremely slow that I can’t even boot the device up.
As far as I know that my CPU n chipset fully supports virtualization and it is also active.
Can you please tell me how can I improve the performance of android emulator that comes with android studio?

It is a configuration issue as there likely is a requirement for your user to be member of certain groups related to android.

cat /etc/group

Then locate the android related groups adb comes to mind - but there may be others.

Yes, there’s adb group there. What should I do with it to increase my emulator performance? Can you please elaborate?

Alright. So I’ve tried more than 10 distros to solve this problem.
The Android Virtual Device or Android Emulator runs fast in those distros.
To solve this problem in Manjaro I had to edit the device from the AVD section of Android Studio.
What settings I changed are as follows:

  • Changed the Graphics to Hardware
  • Changed Multi-Core CPU number to 3
  • Changed RAM value to 3GB
  • Changed VM Heap to 2GB
  • Changed Internal Storage size to 2GB
  • Changed SD Card value to 1GB
    After this I did a Cold Boot and now the virtual device is working a bit faster.
    Hope it helps.
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