(anbox) Loading binder freezes the system

I’ve been following the Arch wiki about anbox to install it on my system, before installing it, i’ve been following the prerequisites and buid anbox-modules-dkms into my kernel.
After installing it, i need to load binder and ashmen, but command
modprobe binder_linux devices=binder,hwbinder,vndbinder,anbox-binder,anbox-hwbinder,anbox-vndbinder
returns “error device is busy” and freezes my system after a moment, except for the mouse

I’m using 5.10.79-1-MANJARO kernel and i currently want to avoid recent releases due to Wine bug #51538

Got it
I think Manjaro’s kernel already includes and loads binder, i just had to skip it, load ashmen and create a config for anbox