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Hi all

I like to have an analog clock on my desktop, so i have installed cairo-clock wich works well but consumes 5 to 8% of cpu usage while making absolutely nothing
I thought to install MX-Clocky a litle widget from the MX distro, but MX is a deb based systemn, is it possible to install a xx.deb on an Arch based system safely and cleanely?
I’ve read about debtap but i’m afraid of the potential damage while i’m too noob to be able to repair if too much broken
So, maybe this question is totally stupid but is it possible to install “by hand”, i mean placing all the components in the right folders? (the mx-clocky theme in /usr/share/mx-clocky/themes/ the mx-clocky desktop entry in /usr/share/applications/ etc etc?

You can do that - although I would place it in the local equivalents in your home

Another option is installing the tzclock package - it is very lean on cpu.

Just took a look at the sources for mx-clocky. Perhaps it is written for python2 - python2 was EOL some time ago.

The code won’t work on Manjaro. The python code does not match the Manjaro system Python and thus throws error messages.


Yeah thank you for your very appreciate answer linux-aarhus :+1:
I installed the tzclock i didn’t knew, strange i didn’t find it when i researched, it works well and above all my system stay clean
Thank you :slight_smile:

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